Monday, February 9, 2009

NVIDIA GTX260 during in an era of crisis becoming cheaper due to the simplification

End of the past, in 2008, was noteworthy, for example, that the series was the first NVIDIA GTX200, which became the 55-nm GPU. These maps are based on the board R654, which was worth slightly less than R651. In such a construction, as already known, the number of PCB layers reduced from 14 to 10. also to reduce the cost, it was decided to get rid of the chip Volterra.

But NVIDIA want to make a third-generation GTX260, even more simple and cheap. These cards will be constructed on the board code P897/D10U-20.

Product Colorful new design GTX260

Reference design P897, sent to the companies-partners NVIDIA, said that the new boosters for the GeForce GTX260 will be easier and cheaper. PCB of these solutions there are not 10, and 8 sectors, the food is presented formula 4 +2 NVVDD with power regulator ADP4100 (without I2C interface for control voltage). Food chain FBVDDQ reduced from 2 to phase 1. Also reduction referred to the unit mosfetov, a group which now represents a DPAK, not LFPAK.

The length of the printed circuit board remain the same, only reduced its height - 1,5 see also the GeForce GTX260 third generation will be reduced BIOS EEPROM - from 1 Mbps to 512 kilobits and establish a cheap DVI-connectors.

All these changes will reduce the cost of production of ready-accelerator ... at 10-15 dollars, which should also lead to a cheaper product for the end user.