Sunday, February 1, 2009

Memory Mushkin PCGH DDR2 Special-Edition: for compulsive gamers

Company Mushkin Logistic GmbH (Mushkin) has decided to please enthusiasts of computer games release a new set of memory modules. Why them? The point is that innovation is a collaborative effort Mushkin magazine PC Games Hardware, focusing on the game iron. The set PCGH DDR2 Special-Edition, the company has been in the catalog designation 996580PCGH Series XP2, includes two modules DDR2.

According to Mushkin, set is for beginners, but it is already demanding compulsive gamers, expect to receive high speed at low cost.

An external feature of the modules included in the set of PCGH DDR2 Special-Edition, Heatsinks are white Advanced FrostByte. The set included a CD with software for testing computer performance PC Mark Vantage. Thus, customers can immediately begin to capture the growth performance, provided a new set.

Specifications 996580PCGH Series XP2:

* Type of module - DDR2 unbuffered;
* Volume - 4 GB, two modules of 2 GB;
* Delays - 4-4-4-11;
* Frequency - 800 MHz;
* Power supply - 2.0-2.1 V.
* Heatspreader: Advanced FrostByte

Source: Mushkin