Monday, February 9, 2009

IDrive Portable - 320 GB of data to back up locally and on the Internet

In Pro Softnet Corporation decided to create a few different from the traditional method of data backup. Presented IDrive Portable is a compact external USB drive, which calls itself the developer of the most thin and lightweight drive to class, can copy the data and the Internet (IDrive Online Backup).

This way, the truth, not only increases the reliability of data storage, but also the cost, since the use of the service costs from $4.95 a month.

IDrive Portable - 2.5" device with the frequency of spindle rotation 5400 rpm., A capacity of 320 GB and weighs 136 g., which works under OS Windows/OS X and is powered from the bus USB.

Copy the important data can be performed in one-touch buttons. Attached to the drive for convenience with a friendly interface.

Price disc IDrive Portable - $119.95.

Source: Pro Softnet,