Sunday, February 8, 2009

The first laptop based on Core i7: Eurocom D900F Phantom i7

Source has published information about the upcoming laptop Eurocom D900F Phantom i7, which has all chances to become the most productive in the mobile PC market, at least for some time after the commencement of sales.

Laptops will be equipped with a desktop CPU Intel Core i7 920, 940 or EE 965 and graphics accelerator GeForce 9800GTX, Quadro FX 3700 or not yet announced the decision, appearing under the code-named G280. Any of the three graphics cards will have a gigabyte of RAM.

D900F Phantom i7 will be made in form factor 17" display will be 1920 x 1200 or 1680 x 1050 pixels.

Of the other characteristics of states up to 8 GB of memory, up to a half terabyte of disk space (up to three HDD), optical drive, which works with the optional Blu-ray, 7-format card reader, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even the TV-tuner.

Autonomous work solution provides 12 cell battery.

D900F Phantom i7 to be ready by May this year.