Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dispersed Core i7 975 Extreme Edition helps achieve in 3DMark05 testing new heights

Even at the end of last year, we learned that the Core i7 965 is 50% faster than the leader of that time, QX9770. Intel is now preparing a new flagship CPU-line Core i7 Extreme Edition. New extremal model - Core i7 975 Extreme Edition (XE).

This can be found in the message forum member resource XtremeSystems, who managed to test a given processor core of Bloomfield stepping D0. Tests were conducted on the motherboard GIGABYTE EX58-EXTREME paired with two accelerators GIGABYTE 4870X2 in CrossFireX. Power system provides 750-W BLIs PC Power Silencer.

When the frequency of the processor at 5.23 GHz (3.33 GHz nominal factor at 25h), cooled bespoke copper cooler, and video cards operating at frequencies of reference, the result was obtained in testing 3DMark05 than AMD recently shown using broken before 6.30 GHz Phenom II X4 (45,474 points).

A high score in the test - 47026 points received by the system due to the presence of the four processor cores, bus QuickPath Interconnect with the capacity of 6.4 GT/s, support Hyper-Threading and built three-controller memory DDR3. L2 Cache in Core i7 975 XE is 256 KB, L3 - 8 MB.

Source: XtremeSystems