Friday, February 6, 2009

Debuted the world's first camera with an image sensor, Super CCD EXR

Novelty called FinePix F200EXR, announced by Fujifilm, has become the world's first camera with image sensor, which uses technology Super CCD EXR. Enabling the matrix is 12 MT. The camera is equipped with a Fujinon lens with five x zoom (EGF 28-140 mm) and three-inch LCD panel.

On the Super CCD EXR technology company first reported in September last year. It enables the user to choose one of three modes of sensor. With good lighting regime justified the use of Fine Capture Mode (high resolution), when active, all 12 million pixels. Mode Pixel Fusion Mode (high sensitivity and low noise), when a pair of neighboring pixels form a matrix resolution of 6 MP, is used mainly with insufficient light. Standby Dual Capture (wide dynamic range), which combined two snapshots taken at the same time the two arrays of light-sensitive elements in 6 IP in each, allowing a well-traced in detail how light or dark parts of the frame.

Sensitivity can vary up to ISO 12800. Other camera features include Dynamic Range Bracketing function and an optical stabilizer. The camera is equipped with a built-in flash provides a serial shooting at speeds of 1.4 frames per second at maximum resolution of up to 5 frames per second with resolution of 3 MP. As a removable media in a cell the size of 97,7 x 58,9 x 23,4 mm using a xD, SD or SDHC.

Sales FinePix F200EXR should begin this month at a cost of $ 400 (hereinafter the term and the price listed for the U.S. market).

Along with the FinePix F200EXR was represented by another compact camera - A150 (on the bottom picture), the resolution of which is 10 MT. Its lens is characterized by triple zoom. The cell, equipped with a 3-inch display, the function of recognition of individuals. Sales A150 also will appear in February, and its recommended price is $ 130.

Source: Fujifilm