Sunday, February 1, 2009

At Apacer it is ready new Handy Steno — AH522

Apacer Technology Company introduced a new flash drive with the opportunity to connect via USB 2.0 - AH522.

Reservoir has matte gold metal case. A distinctive feature of this model is a constructive solution of the shell, made of translucent black case with blue LED.

AH522 is the recording speed 12 MB per second and reading speed 30 MB per second - the speed of 200X. The metal casing protects against deformation and allows the device to wear around your neck using the laces. Special blue LED on the shell indicates the illumination on the activity of the device.

All flash drives, manufactured by Apacer, supported by a special program-archive Apacer Compression Explorer (ACE), which can be downloaded at its website. This program is suitable for all product lines and Handy Steno allows archive files and to set a password for access to stored data.

Source: Apacer