Saturday, February 7, 2009

ASUS 1000HE - first notebook on Atom N280

Company ASUS, which some tend to believe a compact class, but performance and functionality of computers, called notebook, presents a new model in the numerous family of Eee PC - ASUS 1000HE.

Model 1000HE is the first in the industry notebook built with a more powerful version of the processor Intel Atom - instead of 1.6 - GHz N270, it uses a model N280 (1.66 GHz).

Productivity does not last more than the traditional N270, but it reportedly will not only speed up the work a little 1000HE, but also extend the time notebook battery life, since the N280 is more economical predecessor.

According to a source with a link to ASUS, the time of the device with 10" screen (with LED backlighting) in the chipset Intel GD40 battery life is equal to 9.5 hours of time to reach an autonomous work helps technology company ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, which allows to regulate the speed of the processor depending on its load.

Also in 1000HE ASUS decided to return to the place of right-click Shift, made in the backyard in most other models of Eee PC. Notebook equipped with a 160-GB drive that is supported by 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Price 1000HE installed ASUS at $399.

Source: SlashGear