Monday, February 2, 2009

AMD is not planning to replace the Geode

Geode processors are already old by the standards of CPU, but the announcement of their descendants from AMD not.

As it became known this week, the company has no plans to replace the ruler. While the market has a demand for Geode LX from extra budgetary notebook manufacturers (eg, OLPC XO), television prefixes, etc., it will be met, will be working to improve production technology, but to wait for the next generation of architecture is not worth it.

According to Mercury Research analyst budget chips do not represent a significant share of the sales of AMD, and in difficult economic conditions to invest in a secondary line of no meaning. Thus, it appears that after some time, Intel Atom and his future reincarnation will remain only one konurent, VIA Nano.

Recall that the Geode LX is an x86-compatible processor, whose energy varies in the range of 0.9 to 5 Watts. The frequencies of 600 MHz CPU limited.

Source: Yahoo!