Sunday, January 25, 2009

Termopaste Scythe Thermal Elixer - a simple way to slightly improve the cooling of CPU or GPU

Improve the existing cooling system without having to replace it allows a new product from the range of Japanese companies Scythe. This is a termopaste, called the Thermal Elixer.

The paste is packed in a syringe, making it easier for its application. In addition, according to the manufacturer, the consistency of paste picked up in such a way as to ensure the application of a very thin layer. In turn, the reduction of the layer of paste helps to improve heat transfer between the surface of CPU or GPU and heat-conducting path or radiator.

According to Scythe, at 180 W TDP new paste on the effectiveness of 5%, which is part of the standard set cooler company. Thus, the use of Thermal Elixer allows some increase efficiency of any cooler for Scythe CPU or GPU.

Price Scythe Thermal Elixer of 6.5 euros for a package containing 3.5 grams of paste.

Source: Scythe