Monday, January 19, 2009

Seagate introduced new HDD series Cheetah: model Cheetah 15K.7 and Cheetah NS.2

While most manufacturers hastily announced and represent new, fast, small SSD, Seagate company released a pair of new production of hard disks - Cheetah 15K.7 and Cheetah NS.2.

Among all the proposals HDD size 3,5 "on the market series Cheetah 15K.7 is today the most productive, said Seagate.

Both models are positioned as an enterprise-class devices, which are not only high performance solution, but also in the economic crisis is a good choice in terms of investments for the long-term use.

The new disc technology, branded PowerTrim the second generation, which, as the producer, is designed to optimize energy consumption of the device - about 20% more efficiently than the previous generation PowerTrim.

Like the series 15.6 FDE, drives Cheetah 15K.7 and Cheetah NS.2 support technology self-enciphering, while protecting the data.

Series Cheetah 15K.7 models in the form factor 3.5 "capacity of 300, 450 and 600 GB. Discs equipped with 6-Gbit / s interface, SAS-2.0 and 4-Gbit / s FC, but their volume is 16 MB of cache. Rotational Speed - 15,000 rpm., access time - 3.4 ms, setting MTBF is 1.6 million hours.

Specification Cheetah NS.2 almost repeats itself with devices Cheetah 15K.7, except that it drives with the spindle speed 10 000 rpm. and the time of their access to 0,2 ms worse.

Discs Cheetah NS.2 available today, and Cheetah 15K.7 only through OEM-channels, normal delivery will begin in the next quarter.

Source: Seagate