Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NVIDIA officially presented the technology of 3D Vision

NVIDIA Corporation used the CES show as an opportunity to provide technology stereo 3D Vision.

Hardware system is a combination of the accelerator GeForce, Stereo glasses wireless, infrared transceiver interface with USB, and software. The source images NVIDIA recommends using the new displays Samsung and ViewSonic, operating at a frequency of 120 Hz update the display, as well as Mitsubishi projection TVs and projectors DepthQ HD 3D. High frequency of updating the display to provide flicker-free image, free from defects.

NVIDIA said that more than twice the high-resolution and high angles of the review of the product than the passive stereo glasses. The radius of action is up to 6 meters.

One charge enough points to 40 hours of autonomous operation.

The software allows for a three-dimensional image in more than 300 modern games, and view photos and video from stereo effect.

NVIDIA 3D Vision sets already on sale in America. There, the recommended price is $ 199 per set.

Source: NVIDIA