Thursday, January 1, 2009

iZ3D display at CES 2009, three prototypes of new 3D-Display

Company iZ3D, specializing in the development, production and marketing systems for the three-dimensional visualization, intends to include in its exhibit at the CES 2009 the following interesting news:

A prototype installation iZ3D Immersion, providing incredible overall 3D-effect. It has three monitors, which makes it particularly suitable for games, simulators, which is modeled on a plane flight or car racing.

The prototype 3D-monitor the size of 26 inches diagonally.

A prototype of large 22-inch monitor that supports the gaming console Xbox, PS3 and Wii.

In addition, the company will show a set of 3D-monitor and the PC platform at Intel, designed in the style of Far Cry 2. Retail Equipment 22-inch iZ3D, proposed at a cost of $ 399, includes drivers, three pairs of glasses with a passive linear polarization, all the necessary power and signal cables, user manual and free membership of the league players in the 3D-game. In addition to the basic option, monitors iZ3D size 22-inch versions are available in six colors, created by Smooth Creations (the price is $ 549).

Source: iZ3D