Saturday, January 3, 2009

ISR-VT02 — "Lamp" sounding for iPod/iPhone

The company introduced a new RockridgeSound active speaker system ISR-VT02 with a docking station for iPod/iPhone, tuner for reception of AM/FM-radio and amplifier for electronic tubes.

Two-stage amplifier, which used electronic tubes 12AX7 (ECC83), provides each of the two 3.15-inch built-in speakers 12 Watts of power and, according to the company, allows for a more warm and rich sound, as compared with schemes that were completed in the semiconductor elements. Declared frequency response - 42 .. 20000 Hz. The system is equipped with two stereo inputs for external sound sources (3.5-mm mini-jack on the front surface, and RCA - on the back), S-Video output for viewing video of the iPod to an external display, as well as the output for a subwoofer.

The device was already on sale in Japan at a cost of about $ 385.

Source: Impress Watch