Thursday, January 8, 2009

In the third quarter, AMD will introduce six desktop CPU business-class of new generation

Using information provided by the manufacturers of motherboards, the source said some details of plans to release AMD processors designed for the production of the rules of 45 nm. In addition to modeling for consumer desktop PCs, the company expects in the third quarter of this year to release six new business-class.

Full list of new models includes dual-core Athlon X2 B23 (2,9 GHz, 2 MB) and B21 (2,7 GHz, 2 MB), Phenom II X3 B73 (2,8 GHz, 7.5 MB) and B71 (2 , 6 GHz, 7.5 MB) and Quad Phenom II X4 B93 (2,8 GHz, 8 MB) and B91 (2,6 GHz, 8 MB).

In addition, according to the source, it is expected that in the final quarter of the year AMD will report on the cessation of receiving orders for the model Phenom II X4 9850B, 9750B, 9600B and Phenom II X3 8850B, 8750B, 8600B, as well as on the model of Athlon X2 5600B, 5400B, 5200B, 5000B, 4850B, 4450B and Athlon 1640B.

Thus, the refined and supplemented by information on the company's plans for desktop CPU AMD new generation.

Source: DigiTimes