Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hynix pays NAND-business company ProMOS

Hynix Semiconductor, according to the source, intended to transfer its technology and experience in the production of flash memory type NAND company ProMOS Technologies.

This Korean company aims to bring together with two of its business partners with whom Hynix develops and produces DRAM-memory (now the 50-nm chips), to strengthen its position in this market to counter received strong government support Taiwan's manufacturers with the same island.

At the same time, unnamed source market analysts said that Hynix be retained ProMOS to conclude partnership agreements with other DRAM-producers. Perhaps, given a five-year cooperation between the two companies, it is able to do and a small coalition against Taiwanese vendors. In addition, in May signed a new agreement concerning the production of 50-nm memory, Hynix also recently acquired 8% stake in ProMOS.

Source: DigiTimes