Saturday, January 10, 2009

Four new solid-state drive produced PQI

It often gets in news groups because of its interesting product Power Quotient International. 2009 on, however, alter the normal state of things - to the CES show producer immediately produced four new variety of SSD.

Model S518 is executed in the 1.8-inch form factor and is equipped with a jack microSATA. Such decisions will be up to 128 GB. The same amount will be S525, but in this case form factor - 2.5 ", and interfaces - SATAII and USB.

Model S520 is a drive-equipped interface ExpressCard. Its capacity is 32 GB.

Finally, the most interesting vision of a 64-GB e-SATA Combo Card S530, providing the speed of reading up to 90 MB/sec.

Source: PC Launches