Monday, January 5, 2009

The Foundry Company is preparing to issue rules on the GPU 40 nm and takes orders

As is known, the company The Foundry Company, formed in the provision of independent production units AMD, will be able to carry out orders, not only of AMD, which is likely to be its largest customer, but other developers circuits do not have their own facilities. It is anticipated that this will enable The Foundry Company to successfully compete with producers located in the Asian region.

According to a source claiming to information published resource, AMD expects to instruct The Foundry Company Issue ATI Radeon graphics processor and a set of system logic. Currently, this product release for AMD companies such as TSMC and UMC. The transfer of graphics processors and the release of a set of system logic into the hands of The Foundry Company will provide the company a substantial front work.

According to available information, the Dresden factory FAB38, which is a major productive resource The Foundry Company, is well under way the development process, calculated on the application of the rules of 40 nm. In this case, it is a traditional technical process CMOS, rather than technical process SOI, which is intended for release to the norms of 45 nm microprocessors AMD K10.5.

According to information received, The Foundry Company is already taking orders for the production of chips on the norms of 40 nm from third-party developers.

Source: techPowerUp!