Tuesday, January 27, 2009

DFI will try their hand at producing processor cooler

During the crisis, manufacturers are trying to diversify its efforts so as not to depend on the core areas of activity. For obvious reasons, preferred products, development of which does not require significant investment and development in the production time is minimal. Another criterion in selecting the new field of activity is logical to consider the proximity of new products to those already represented in the range of companies - it is much easier to build sales, so to say, related products, than go to a totally unfamiliar market.

The company DFI, specializing in motherboards, it seems, sees as a subsidiary source of income development and production of cooler for processors. Anyway, at this point pictures of the product being prepared for release DFI, which has published the source.

As seen in the pictures, the design of cooler includes a radiator in the form of two towers aluminum plates. A great quantity of heat pipes are connected to heat-conduction in contact with the processor.

Presumably, in the development of products the company has participated Thermalright.

Apparently, the cooler will be offered under the brand name LANParty, well-known buyers of motherboards DFI.

Data on the price of sale period news yet.

Source: Clunk.org.uk