Monday, January 12, 2009

CES 2009: RealView 360 3D Desktop Scanner - one of the world's first desktop 3D-scanner

Not so, and there are many scanners of three-dimensional objects, but at CES-2009, is now running in Las Vegas, one of the companies had submitted such a product.

The pavilion RealView 3D beautiful and draws attention to itself scanner RealView 360 3D Desktop Scanner, which is one of the world's first device of its kind (desktop 3D-scanner).

Designed by engineers RealView 3D device makes it possible to obtain three-dimensional image of a similar three-dimensional object, rather than to get the software itself by gluing a few selected images. Subsequently, the same can be obtained on the screen every angle scanned object.

Use the resulting 3D-shot (360ยบ, VGA or HD, as well as Commercial - for larger sizes) can, for example, in Adobe Acrobat PDF documents, or download images for online auctions such as E-bay.

About the price of the scanner and the date of the beginning of the commercialization of the project RealView 3D is not yet known.

Source: RealView 3D