Wednesday, January 28, 2009

AUDIO 4 DJ — the digital audiointerface for DJ

At NAMM 2009 by Native Instruments was introduced its new product, based on the use of DJ's, both at home and in the club.

The device, called AUDIO 4 DJ, is an external Digital Audio. The slogan for his promotion was chosen "Untwist a pure sound" (from "Spin Pure Sound"). To ensure the crystal sound, as stated, was chosen as AD/DA-converter Cirrus Logic class of high-end.

It achieved the opportunity to get to the exit of high-level signals (up to +10 dB) and operates in a wide range of frequencies. Linear inputs understood to +12 dB, with the possibility of connection revolving objects(player for "vinyl").

At the rear panel AUDIO 4 DJ has four switchable output, which can transmit sound from an external mixer, and a computer can connect to USB 2.0. For there is a headphone output 1/4".


* 4 channels
* Sample rate: 44100, 48000, 88200 and 96000 Hz
* sound: 16 and 24 bit
* Impedance: 1 MO
* Signal to Noise: 99.7 dB
* Entering the headphones: 10-40 kHz, 16-600 Ohm, 93 dB

The size of the device are 101 x 121 x 42 mm, weight of 511 g. Its power is provided from bus USB 2.0.

The roller with non-traditional testing of this interface in strong metal case can be found here. Sales AUDIO 4 DJ already appeared at a cost of $249.

Source: Native Instruments