Saturday, January 3, 2009

AOpen Engine Core - ready PCs and servers for different applications is very small

The family of products VIP (vertical integrated platform) proposed by AOpen for various applications, including retail space (POS-terminals), information kiosks, media players, thin client computers for medical purposes, as well as car computers.

Now, on this platform and appeared Engine Core - the most revolutionary, most compact server for today, as claimed by AOpen.

Engine Core - not a single product, but a few: DE896-FL, DE945CD/FL, and DE965-HG. All are equipped with 12-cm fans and filter. New Engine Core company AOpen solutions include desktop and rackmount servers (19 "4U). Peculiarity as these devices are very compact size. Reported that one body size ATX can install up to six Digital Engine, so it no longer any need for a room a server.

In addition to small size, new products AOpen, as stated, can boast of high reliability and performance, however, more detailed information about the developments have not yet been granted.

Source: AOpen