Monday, January 26, 2009

Antec has released the second edition of Nine Hundred casing: maximum cooling for the powerful system

The success of the Nine Hundred casing, stimulated engineers and designers of Antec are in the continuing development of this area. As a result, a second edition of the product, Nine Hundred Two.

It focuses on quality cooling components of a PC. The front wall has extensive perforations for a smooth withdrawal of air from the outside by two 120-mm fans TriCool. The massive 200-mm fan of Big Boy 200, located on the upper wall, pulls hot air from inside.

The power supply is placed at the bottom of the body to improve air circulation inside. Above it placed an additional 120-mm fan running on Blowing.

On the side wall can optionally set another fan in front of the graphics card.

Nine Hundred Two supports the installation of a liquid cooling system.

The chassis includes the installation of up to nine 5.25" devices, and eight boards expansion.

Recommended news producer price is $164. Sales have already started.

Source: Antec