Monday, December 29, 2008

GeForce GTX 260 for 55-nm kernel observed on Sales

It seems, to expect a formal announcement of the transfer accelerators family GeForce GTX 260 for 55-nm nucleus from the current 65-nm is not worth it. At least, the Japanese discovered the source of Retail Sales card production Inno3D, using the processor already GT200b.

The accelerator factory on the full parameters recommended for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 216. GPU runs at 620 MHz instead of 576 MHz memory, DDR3 - at a frequency of 2100 MHz instead of 1998 MHz.

Outwardly map is difficult to distinguish from older counterparts, as it is manufactured under Reference design and uses ordinary cooler, developed by NVIDIA. The new kernel shows only the inscription on the cooling system.

Price new items - 390 dollars. Perhaps this can be attributed to the costs inherent to any products soon the computer industry.