Friday, November 21, 2008

HDMI comes, and DVI leaves, analysts In-Stat speak

Current year was characterized by fast distribution of interface HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) and gradual leaving DVI (digital visual interface). Composers of the report «DVI and HDMI 2008 adhere to such opinion: A Time of Transition» («DVI and HDMI in 2008: transition time»), prepared by analytical company In-Stat.

Basic "engine" of success HDMI is the segment of consumer electronics. Sockets HDMI can be found out in 95 % of the digital TVs, shipped to consumers worldwide within 2008. In other grocery segments penetration HDMI slightly less, is told by analysts. As to DVI, the basic deliveries of production with support of this interface are predictably concentrated in segments of the personal computer and remote terminal units.

Let's remind, both interfaces have similar functionality and throughput, sufficient for transfer of not compressed digital video.

The forecast for the period till 2012 looks so: experts have counted up that the volume of deliveries of devices with support HDMI will grow on the average on 23 % annually whereas devices with support DVI every year will become on 30 % less, than in previous year.

Thus, experts In-Stat, as a matter of fact, have confirmed the opinion stated in the beginning of year.

Source: In-Stat

Colour scanner Konica Minolta is intended for scanning of books and magazines

Company Konica Minolta assortment has replenished with colour scanner PS7000C MKII into which complete set enters ON Image DIVA. The device is calculated on scanning of books, magazines, financial and legal documents, pictures, cards and even three-dimensional objects.

Taking into account sphere of application the scanner has the big working area — in it it is possible to place samples in the size from 14 h 22 sm to 46 h 61 see On numbering of one sample at the scanner leaves no more than 9,9 seconds. The important feature of the device is scanning by a face sheet upwards, helping to avoid damages of cover and essentially simplifying browsing at the expense of requirement elimination to raise, turn and repeatedly to level the original.

Among functions ON Image DIVA the company marks a simple choice of a mode, preliminary viewing, printing by means of the printer or the multipurpose device connected on a network.

The maximum permission at scanning is equal to 600 points on inch. 24-digit data presentation about colour is provided; 8-digit representation if the image remains in gradation of a grey scale; and 1-digit representation for black-and-white images.

By means of interface USB 2.0 scanner is connected to the personal computer working under control of OS Windows 2000, XP or Vista. The TWAIN-driver is included In the delivery complete set.

Recommended retail price PS7000C MKII in the USA where device deliveries have already begun, makes $19995.

Source: Konica Minolta

Demand for processors from Intel Core i7 will have to wait almost a year, say manufacturers of motherboards

Though Intel asserts that has shipped about 100000 processors Intel Core i7, some manufacturers of system payments specify that the economic crisis will lower desire of buyers to modernize available personal computers. It, in turn, means that demand for processors Core i7 hardly will quicken before the third quarter 2009.

Cost of transition to the most accessible processor Core under the price i7 and a system payment on chipset X58 exceeds $500. In such conditions it is difficult to expect a great demand before occurrence of models of the processors focused on the basic segment. As it is known, their exit on the market is planned for the third quarter 2009. A key role in increase in demand at processors Core i7 dynamics of the prices for modules of memory DDR3 should play also.

Skepticism of manufacturers proves to be true solid warehouse stocks of sets of system logic P45 which cannot be "digested" less than for 3-6 months.

However, company Intel too does not count on advancement Core i7 the next quarters. According to company plans, in the third quarter 2009 45-nano quad processors Core i7 will make only 2 % in total amount of deliveries of processors. Shares of other products will be the following: Core 2 Quad (45 nanometers) — 16 %, Core 2 Duo E8000 (45 nanometers) — 20 %, Core 2 Duo E7000 (45 nanometers) — 18 %, Pentium dual-core E5000 (45 nanometers) — 30 %, Pentium dual-core E2000 (65 nanometers) — 5 %, Celeron dual-core E1000 (65 nanometers) — 2 %, Celeron 400 (65 nanometers) — 3 %, Atom 200/300 (45 nanometers) — 4 %.

Source: DigiTimes

Three-dimensional printer Eden260V supports all materials from catalogue Objet Geometries

In October company Objet Geometries specializing on release of devices for formation of volume objects from super thin layers of photopolymer (three-dimensional printers), has presented a new product under name Alaris 30. Has passed month, and assortment Objet Geometries was enriched one more with device such.

The printer has received designation Eden260V. The basic feature of a novelty the manufacturer names «unprecedented flexibility in use of materials».

As well as other devices of manufacture Objet Geometries, printer Eden260V allows to create three-dimensional objects with a split-hair accuracy. Printer Eden260V became the first, calculated simultaneously on all materials for the models, the companies presented in the catalog. It expands printer possibilities, allowing to form objects with a wide spectrum of physical qualities, including a transparency, color and elasticity. Solidification each layer of polymer by means of ultra-violet beams it is carried out during "press" so after manufacturing the model is ready at once to use. One more important line of the new printer is compactness — the sizes of the device make 870 x 735 x 1200 mm. The maximum sizes of object which can be generated by means of Eden260V, are equal 260 x 260 x 200 mm.

Source: Objet Geometries