Sunday, November 16, 2008

TRITTON Of technologies AX Of pro - volumetric sound 5.1 in the head sets

Being oriented, first of all, to the enthusiasts of computer games, company TRITTON Technologies let out the head sets of stereophonic sound AX Of pro. To the special features AX Of pro the producer carries the support Of dolby Of digital 5.1, the presence of the illuminated level regulators of frontal, central, rear and ultra-low frequency channels.

As it is asserted, low weight and [ergonomichnaya] form AX Of pro make it possible to use head sets long time without the interruption. Article is equipped with detachable microphone. Besides the games, head sets AX Of pro can be used, also, with the survey of cinema with the multichannel sonic tracking in the sizes Of dolby Of digital 5.1 or Dolby Of pro Of logic.

For AX Of pro is suitable any device, equipped with the digital optical output of sound signal. Furthermore, is provided connection to multichannel analog output (5.1). In other words, AX Of pro it is possible, in particular, to use together with the record players DVD, the personal computers, the play consoles Of playStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox and Xbox 360.

The price AX Of pro on the market of the USA is equal to $179.