Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A series of flash drives Buffalo RUF2-KL has a high capacity and thickness of 8 mm

Super Talent recently, the company had begun deliveries of the world's smallest 16-GB flash drive Pico, which is equal to the thickness of 8 mm, but this is not the only manufacturer that makes such thin drives to flash memory.

Japanese manufacturer of computer components, the company Buffalo to announce the release of a series of new flash drive, called RUF2-KLi have the same thickness of the shell.

RUF2-K16GL-BK are a series of black case, and RUF2-K16GL-WH - in white. The capacity of this series is 16 GB. Size and weight: 20 × 8 × 52 mm, 10 g.

8 and 16-GB version presented blue and pink series RUF2-J8GS-BL and RUF2-J8GS-PK. Its weight is 10 g and dimensions - 23 × 9 × 68 mm.

Those who like a more unusual drives addressed in a transparent body by the colorful patterns: RUF-C8GS-PK/U2, RUF-C8GS-GR/U2, RUF-C16GS-BL/U2 and RUF-C16GS-BK/U2. Its capacity can also be equal to 8 or 16 GB.

All new items Buffalo has been on the market. Prices are not mentioned.

Source: Buffalo