Tuesday, December 2, 2008

OCZ used brand Fatal1ty for the new power units

Jonathan Fatal1ty Wendell - a figure in the world of computer games crucial better known kiberchempiona (12 world titles) simply do not. That popularity is using quite a long time for their own purposes Creative, and now more and OCZ Technology, made the power units under a known name Fatal1ty (the same memory already in the range of the manufacturer).

Last has decided to use a known name to name the series of power units focused on players, visiting network parties (LAN party) with the personal computers. In the bright case with transparent lateral wall BP Fatal1ty with its red light-emitting diode illumination should look especially effectively.

At the moment a series is presented by three models capacity of 400 (not modular), 550 (modular) and 700 Vt (not modular).

The latest model is most interesting. It has only one line of a food +12 In, but the current strength on it reaches 56 d, BP will be ideally suited for system with one powerful video card (though certificate SLI Ready BP has just in case received) that indirectly proves to be true presence of one 6-contact and one 8-contact socket of food PCIe.

Cooling is provided with one 120-mm the fan with automatic adjustment of speed of rotation.

All again presented BP have efficiency in 80 % or above at various levels of loading.

Source: OCZ