Monday, December 1, 2008

In February next year, Samsung will show density DRAM chips 8 Gbit

No international conference International Solid State Circuits Conference, which will be held in February, the company will show Samsung DRAM memory density of 4 and 8 Gbit, the source. At the same event specialists Toshiba and SanDisk will provide chip-type flash memory MLC NAND density of 64 Gbit, each cell to store four bits of information.

Intel Corporation will dominate the meeting on the processor. It produced four of the eight scheduled reports. In particular, will be presented to eight x86-compatible processor for servers, which uses 2.3 billion transistors. Interestingly, the other big developers Processor - AMD, IBM, Fujitsu and Sun Microsystems - does not plan to speak at the conference presentations.

In the above-mentioned components of Samsung memory density 8 Gb technology uses a vertical layout. Four chip-density 2 Gbit connected to each other through «connection through the silicon» (through-silicon vias). The report described the South Korean manufacturer of technology for verification and correction to significantly increase yields fresh produce.

Source: EE Times