Tuesday, December 2, 2008

EW-7301APg - access point for outdoor

Edimax Technology, a manufacturer of equipment for network solutions, introduced a new access point - EW-7301APg, designed for use outdoors. APN EW-7301APg supports standard 802.11g and provides high-speed connections between multiple networks and users.

EW-7301APg supports two modes: AC Mode and CPE Mode. In the AP device works like a normal access point, supports a universal transponder signal and function WDS (Wireless Distribution System), which allows the network to increase coverage. In the CPE device works as an access point in client mode, and provides a connection to the external wireless network providers WISP. This allows you to increase the number of users connected to wireless connections, without using additional gateway.

APN EW-7301APg is a compact device in a solid water-tight enclosure specially designed for use in challenging weather conditions. The device is easy to install thanks to built-option PoE (Power over Ethernet). When you connect the cable to the switch PoE Ethernet, power supply devices through Ethernet-connected. More Edimax provided device mounting kit for mounting on the wall or on a mast. Built-function remote control makes it easy to configure and maintain the access point EW-7301APg.

Output power EW-7301APg may vary (up to 100 MW), which allows administrators to monitor the signal. To protect the wireless network EW-7301APg supports advanced security features, including WEP and WPA-PSK-encryption, MAC-authentication, input access control Network Access Control 802.1x and Access Control List.

The expected release date EW-7301APg to the Russian market - First Quarter 2009

Source: Edimax Technology