Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dual-core processors VIA Nano will have to wait until 2010

Family of x86-compatible processors VIA Nano, built on the architecture of Isaiah, submitted earlier this year, as you know, so far includes only uninuclear model.

Although they had not received the proliferation, VIA vengeance is working on new dual-core processors Nano.

At the Embedded Technology Conference 2008 the company unveiled plans to release these products. The first samples of dual-core processors Nano should see the light in December next year. Mass production is expected to be deployed in June 2010.

Focusing on the use of dual-core processors Nano in compact systems with lower power consumption, the company plans to use for their production of a new manufacturing process. Presumably, the processors will be produced on 45 nm rules. Recall uninuclear models produced by 65-nanometer technology.

Dual-core processors maintain compatibility with motherboards designed for their predecessors.

Source: TechConnect