Tuesday, December 2, 2008

ARCHOS 7 Internet Media Tablet - a hybrid mobile PC and Media Player

Some time ago the company introduced the ARCHOS device, called ARCHOS 7 Internet Media Tablet, the functionality that goes beyond the usual boundaries of a universal players. The compact device with a touch screen high-resolution demonstrates the possibilities inherent in more mobile computers.

New was the first in its class device to Superscalar microprocessor ARM Cortex. The use of the processor has provided substantial computing resources, adequate for viewing high-definition video, exchange e-mail, access to the Internet to support Flash 9. Connecting to the global network by using the built-adapter Wi-Fi.

The device is equipped with a 7-inch display. To enter text using a virtual QWERTY-keyboard. In the configuration ARCHOS 7 includes a hard drive 160 or 320 GB (depending on modification). This is larger than any portable player, represented now on the market. According to the manufacturer's specified volume enough to store 300 full-length movies, thousands or millions of cell phone photography. Optionally available stykovochnaya station that provides options for viewing and recording TV-programming and wireless access to your home computer. Time autonomous work ARCHOS 7 reaches 39 hours.

Sales ARCHOS 7 has already started. Price is $ 450 for a model with a 160 GB hard drive and $ 550 - for a model with a 320 GB hard drive volume.

Source: ARCHOS