Friday, November 28, 2008

Western Digital speaks about the interest to market SSD

Manufacturers of hard drives mostly prefer skeptical comment on the prospects for the development of solid drives, thereby protecting their investment in the development of HDD.

Times have changed and the company whose profile has always been HD, forced to change with them. Thus, senior vice president of Western Digital Richart Rutledzh in an interview this resource, The Register, said that WD interest to see two lines of products based on flash memory.

The first includes low-cost (up to $ 30) drives for portable devices like mobile phones or cameras.

The second interest WD market - is highly SSD with the price of two dollars.

Interestingly, in the opinion Rutledzha, soon you can expect the emergence of a new class of solutions, called them Smartbook. They fill a niche between the communicator and notebook.

Specific dates when you can expect the appearance of SSD on the market under the brand name Western Digital, have not been identified.

Source: The Register