Sunday, November 30, 2008

UMC moves ahead in development of technology HK/MG

UMC Company announced significant achievements in the development of technologies for the production of semiconductor products using materials with high dielectric constant and metal closures high-k/metal-gate (HK / MG). According to the company, has successfully tested an appropriate tehprotsess release type SRAM memory on the rules of 45 nm. This is a key step in demonstrating technology performance HK / MG, which UMC will be used tehprotsessah the next generation, calculated on the application of rules 32 and 28 nm.

In October, UMC has released the industry's first 28-nano memory chips SRAM. For their manufacture was involved changed tehprotsessa, characterized by low leakage currents based on the use of silicon and intense immersion lithography with double shablonirovaniem.

As is known, the company plans to utilize in tehprotsessah chips for the manufacture of standards 32/28 nm two fundamentally different approach. One of them will be optimized on the basis of energy and good fit for portable applications, for example, for mobile consumer processors. The second option would be to use materials with high dielectric constant and metal closures. He is better suited for high performance chips, for example, the graphics processor. However, as the company assured, technology HK / MG on the customer's request can also be optimized on the basis of energy consumption.

Source: UMC