Thursday, November 20, 2008

Two products DDR3 of manufacture Samsung precisely will approach for platforms Intel

South Korean company Samsung Electronics declared that two decisions DDR3 made by it have received "good" from Intel on teamwork with platforms Core i7 (Nehalem). One of decisions represents a component of memory DDR3 SDRAM (x8), and the second — module DDR3-1066 in volume 4 GB, intended for desktop personal computers.

In the specified products chips of memory in density of 2 Gbit made on norms of 50 nanometers are used. Use of norms of 50 nanometers, according to Samsung, has essentially reduced power consumption in comparison with memory DDR3 in density of 1 Gbit (the difference reaches 40 % at speed of an exchange 1333 Mbit/c);

According to experts of company IDC, next year on share DDR3 29 % of market DRAM, and by 2011 this size age to 72 % is necessary. In turn, the share of products in density of 2 Gbit for this period will grow about 3 % to 33 %.

Source: Samsung Electronics