Friday, November 21, 2008

Three-dimensional printer Eden260V supports all materials from catalogue Objet Geometries

In October company Objet Geometries specializing on release of devices for formation of volume objects from super thin layers of photopolymer (three-dimensional printers), has presented a new product under name Alaris 30. Has passed month, and assortment Objet Geometries was enriched one more with device such.

The printer has received designation Eden260V. The basic feature of a novelty the manufacturer names «unprecedented flexibility in use of materials».

As well as other devices of manufacture Objet Geometries, printer Eden260V allows to create three-dimensional objects with a split-hair accuracy. Printer Eden260V became the first, calculated simultaneously on all materials for the models, the companies presented in the catalog. It expands printer possibilities, allowing to form objects with a wide spectrum of physical qualities, including a transparency, color and elasticity. Solidification each layer of polymer by means of ultra-violet beams it is carried out during "press" so after manufacturing the model is ready at once to use. One more important line of the new printer is compactness — the sizes of the device make 870 x 735 x 1200 mm. The maximum sizes of object which can be generated by means of Eden260V, are equal 260 x 260 x 200 mm.

Source: Objet Geometries