Sunday, November 30, 2008

Super Talent has released a sliding USB-flash drives - Pico-E

Super Talent Company to announce new flash drives to USB-connected, who received the title of a series of Pico-E.

News Updates family Pico are stylish folding shell without the typical lid (sliding) and miniature size. In such a body, according to the manufacturer, the user will be better protected because it is watertight. And also promised high performance drives - Data transfer rate claimed at 200X - about 30 MB/sec.

Support interface connections - USB 2.0 or 1.1, the weight of the device with 24 carats of gold (or chrome shell) - 6 grams.

The list presented novelties presented below:

  • STU1GPES - 1GB Chrome Pico-E
  • STU2GPES - 2GB Chrome Pico-E
  • STU4GPES - 4GB Chrome Pico-E
  • STU8GPES - 8GB Chrome Pico-E
  • STU4GPEG - 4GB Gold Plated Pico-E
  • STU8GPEG - 8GB Gold Plated Pico-E

Sales Series models Pico-E will appear at a price of 30 U.S.

Source: Super Talent