Sunday, November 30, 2008

Single-crystal system XBridge overtaking processors with streaming data

Specialists NEC Electronics and NEC Central Research Laboratories jointly established a Single-crystal system XBridge. Allegedly, it is able to effectively handle large volumes of images, sound recordings, network packets and other streaming - in other words, doing a good job with the task, capable of troubled general-purpose processor. At the same time, was presented a study fee XBridge and developer tools.

A feature of XBridge is programmable hardware, which can reprogramme the during the operation, without hardware upgrading. In addition to Managed streaming engine STP (Stream Transpose), the configuration odnokristalnoy system of double-circuit interface PCI Express, DDR2 memory interface and other peripheral units. The company estimates that parallel processing allows for the performance when working with streaming data to one or even two orders of magnitude greater than the high general-purpose processor. However, there is no need to transfer data path CPU and power, Consumed Single-crystal system, roughly equal to 2 Watts.

The new Single-crystal system will find application in printers, servers, industrial devices, video devices and other solutions which use a bus interface PCI Express. The emergence of a commercial product based on the development of the expected throughout the year.

Source: NEC Electronics