Thursday, November 20, 2008

Silicon Graphics sees in the future computers from 10000 processor kernels

At conference Supercomputing 2008 company Silicon Graphics has suggested to glance in the future, having presented Concept computer Molecule.

Just as futuristic concept cars provide guidance on potential of innovations with reference to cars, Concept Molecule illustrates, as the multinuclear technology of processors for consumer devices with small power consumption can unite with technology of cooling Silicon Graphics Kelvin, having provided placing more than 10000 processor kernels in one rack.

Engineers Silicon Graphics have created system in which are balanced productivity of processors, throughput of memory and power consumption. The basic advantages Silicon Graphics Molecule in comparison with existing decisions are that:
  • High parallelism — more than 20000 streams of execution that in 40 more than at usual one-rack-mount cluster;
  • High throughput of memory — 15 TB/WITH, more than in 20 more than at usual one-rack-mount cluster;
  • The best parity between throughput and productivity, than at x86-compatible processors;
  • More high efficiency (approximately in 3,5 times) counting on one rack;
  • Smaller power consumption of processors and memory;
  • The high density of configuration provided with highly effective technology of cooling Silicon Graphics Kelvin;
  • The flexibility of an operational environment consisting in possibility of use of various versions Linux and Microsoft Windows.

If to the one-rack-mount system based on concept Silicon Graphics Molecule, once it is fated to enter the market, on productivity and throughput it will be equal 750 high-efficiency personal computers, the developer confirms. Thus it consumes twice less energy and occupies in 70 times of less place.

Source: Silicon Graphics