Saturday, November 22, 2008

Server Core i7 — whether they are fast? Yes, and very much, judging by tests in SPECfp

About that new 45-nanometers family Core processors Intel i7 are rather fast, we have learn to their official exit by results of preliminary testing. Resource Techradar has published the information on that, server processors Core i7 (Nehalem) are how much fast.

For testing the 2.8-GHz processor Xeon X5560 which debut is expected only in the first quarter 2009, a dual-processor server payment on the basis of chipset Tylersburg with established in it 24 GB memories DDR3-1066, and in quality ON — SPEC CPU2006 (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) has been chosen.

Tyre Quick Path Interconnect and the built in controller of memory do the part well and consequently, marks a source, productivity of system has appeared at high level. So, in test CFP2000 the result of 160 points has been received. For reception of clearer picture it is necessary to recollect speed indicators in this test of processors Xeon on the basis of Penryn processor. The payment from 3.4-GHz Penryn is capable to type only 90 points. Moreover, new 45-nanometers AMD Shanghai with frequency of 2.7 GHz show only 105 points and only 4-socket system reaches 190 points.

Source: Techradar