Friday, November 28, 2008

PC Cooling: Spire Cooling made coolers for Core i7

Along with announcements of processors Intel Core i7 from the horn of plenty posypalis and the announcement of the release of new fan with their support. Virtually all manufacturers of cooling systems have produced such products. In the arsenal of Spire Cooling such cooler proved two, SP676S1 TherMax and SP679S1 TherMax II.

They support the installation of not only the processors connector Intel LGA1366, but also on LGA775, and AMD Socket AM2

The younger model, SP676S1 TherMax, equipped with three U-shaped 8-mm heat pipes. Radiator has 45 aluminum ribs. Airflow carried out 90-mm fan.

SP679S1 TherMax II larger radiator here has 55 ribs, a fan - 120 mm. The number of heat pipes also increased to four.

Manufacturer emphasizes the availability of complete anti-vibrating pads for mounting the fan.

In Europe and America series Spire TherMax should appear next month.

Source: Spire Cooling