Thursday, November 20, 2008

NVIDIA has reduced price GeForce GTX 260 216

It is literally one of these days we informed on an approaching new coil of price war between NVIDIA and AMD in the market of graphic accelerators and here, buyers can already feel actual acknowledgement.

Online shops of Great Britain where the prices have fallen to 20 pounds (about 30 dollars) became the first bulletin of reduction of prices.

The standard accelerator GeForce GTX of 260 216 manufactures ZOTAC working on regular frequencies, costs, since yesterday, 210 pounds whereas last week its cost made 230 pounds.

One more factor to raise appeal GeForce GTX 260 216, the new series of drivers ForceWare 180 considerably raising them productivity should become called.

Old GeForce GTX 260 with 192 shejdernymi processors against Radeon HD 4870 looks not too well and in the near future will disappear from shelves of shops.