Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kodak asks to forbid sale of cellular telephones Samsung and LG

Company Eastman Kodak has submitted the claim concerning Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and several more subjects, accusing them of infringement of patents.

According to Kodak, infringement takes place in cellular telephones with digital chambers of manufacture Samsung and LG. The patents, which infringement it is attributed to the mentioned companies, concern image reading, compression and a data storage, and also a method of viewing of moving images.

The document is submitted to district court of the USA in the western district of New York, and in the Commission on international trade of the USA. In circulation to court Kodak demands indemnification of the damage put as a result of infringement of patents; in the claims submitted to both instances, the request contains also to forbid Samsung and LG import and sale of specified production. The sum in which Kodak estimates a damage, is not published.

Company Kodak posesses a considerable quantity of patents in the field of a photo. Licensees Kodak are such manufacturers, as MEI/Panasonic, Motorola, Nokia, Olympus, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and Sony Ericsson.

Source: Eastman Kodak