Friday, November 21, 2008

HDMI comes, and DVI leaves, analysts In-Stat speak

Current year was characterized by fast distribution of interface HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) and gradual leaving DVI (digital visual interface). Composers of the report «DVI and HDMI 2008 adhere to such opinion: A Time of Transition» («DVI and HDMI in 2008: transition time»), prepared by analytical company In-Stat.

Basic "engine" of success HDMI is the segment of consumer electronics. Sockets HDMI can be found out in 95 % of the digital TVs, shipped to consumers worldwide within 2008. In other grocery segments penetration HDMI slightly less, is told by analysts. As to DVI, the basic deliveries of production with support of this interface are predictably concentrated in segments of the personal computer and remote terminal units.

Let's remind, both interfaces have similar functionality and throughput, sufficient for transfer of not compressed digital video.

The forecast for the period till 2012 looks so: experts have counted up that the volume of deliveries of devices with support HDMI will grow on the average on 23 % annually whereas devices with support DVI every year will become on 30 % less, than in previous year.

Thus, experts In-Stat, as a matter of fact, have confirmed the opinion stated in the beginning of year.

Source: In-Stat