Monday, November 24, 2008

Graphics Card: Dual-processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 GX2 will be released next January

NVIDIA took a long time to create a dual decision based on his latest high-GPU G200. Perhaps the restrictions imposed, not least, relatively high power 65-nm chip.

Now that the first decision issued on the basis of 55-nm versions of the chip called G200b (GT 206), an information and what is around the corner exit NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 GX2.

Unfortunately specific information is not provided, but we can assume that the product will be built on the two nuclei with 216 streaming processors in each. It makes little sense to expect very high frequencies, most likely, NVIDIA confine 575 / 1242 / 2000 for MHz core / Shader units / volume of DDR3 memory 1792 MB. Perhaps, if the power would be above the target level, the frequency may be even lower.

Can such a decision to select the crown of the Radeon HD 4870 X2? Tests show January.

Source: Expreview