Saturday, November 15, 2008

First digital camera with the built-in colored printer

Japanese company TOMY presented the unique digital camera of xiao TIP-521, equipped with colored printer ZINK.

Thus, new 5-megapixel revives the tradition of the cameras Of polariod.

In order to give out to the hands to user imprint with the size of 50x76 mm to miracle- aggregate it is required not more than minute.

Also camera is equipped with the port Of irDA, that makes it possible it to use and as wireless the printer for other devices, type of smart phone and KPK.

xiao TIP-521 is equipped with 16 mb. of the built-in memory, expansible by the Flash- cards of standard SD and SDHC.

The nourishment of camera with a weight of 294 g will be sufficient to the survey by 250 photos or the press of 20 cards.

The price of novelty on the Japanese market will be $350, and packing to ten sheets of paper for the printer ZINK stands about $9.