Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eee PC 901GO — netbuk ASUS with a great volume SSD and more capacious battery

The resource, often being a source of our information, so far as concerns novelties in the field of the compact computers known as notebook, has confirmed existence of one interesting model from family ASUS EeePC — EeePC901-BK051X.

Apparently on a label on notebook, its configuration is presented by such components: OS Windows XP, 16-GB the SSD-store, 1 GB memories DDR2, processor Intel Atom N270, a network 10/100 Mbit/with Ethernet + wireless interface Wi-Fi 802.11n, built in 1,3-Mp the chamber, support Bluetooth, the battery (Panasonic NCR18650) capacity 870 mach.

It is necessary to remind that in itself notebook Eee PC 901 is quite good acquisition, but always it is possible to improve some components, possibly, have thought in ASUS and have offered improvement in the form of the increased capacity of the solid-state store and the battery of the raised capacity. For many mobile users these two factors often play a predominating role in business of a choice and, actually, raise comfort at work with notebook.

Last also is reached at the expense of higher speed of work SSD which is equal now 50 MB/WITH at record and 87 MB/WITH at reading.

Nevertheless, for these improvements, in comparison with strongly fallen in price model 900A which costs now only 280 dollars, it is necessary to fork up — the price of version Eee PC 901GO — 505 dollars