Sunday, November 30, 2008

DRAMeXchange analysts believe that the DRAM market hamper ... notebook

Referring to the data analysis company DRAMeXchange, the source claims that prices of memory chips DRAM, mainly used in personal computers, fell this month to a new record low values. The reason is the continuing price drop has already been quite a long time, the situation of oversupply and slowing demand for PCs.

Spot price (the price with immediate payment) last week fell by 33.6% on the level recorded in early September. Contract price (the price at a predetermined treaties) in the meantime decreased by 26-30%.

DRAMeXchange analysts believe that the market recovery was complicated by the increasing supply netbukov. The configuration of these low-cost mobile computers produced by many manufacturers, includes a much less memory than conventional PC configuration.

With regard to future developments, according to DRAMeXchange, DRAM market will be dominated by the Alliance of American, Japanese and Korean manufacturers such as Micron, Elpida and Samsung, with Taiwanese companies such as Nanya and Inotera.

Source: Reuters