Monday, November 24, 2008

The demand for processors from Intel Core i7 appear in about a year (completed: the response of Intel)

According to sources, Intel claims that have already shipped about 100,000 processors Intel Core i7. However, some manufacturers of motherboards believe that the economic crisis will reduce the willingness of buyers to upgrade existing PCs. This, in turn, means that demand for processors Core i7 is unlikely to liven before the third quarter of 2009.

The cost of switching to the most affordable processor Core i7 and the motherboard chipset at X58 exceeds $ 500. In such circumstances, is difficult to expect strong demand before the models of processors targeted at key segments. It is known that their entry is scheduled for the third quarter of 2009. A key role in increasing the demand for processors Core i7 should also play a price for memory modules DDR3.

Skepticism producers confirmed solid stock sets of system logic P45, which can not digest at least 3-6 months.

However, the source alleges that Intel itself does not expect to advance to Core i7 in the coming quarters. If you believe published their data in the third quarter of 2009, 45 Nanometer Quad processors Core i7 is only 2% of the total shipments of processors. Shares of other products will be as follows: Core 2 Quad (45 nm) - 16%, Core 2 Duo E8000 (45 nm) - 20%, Core 2 Duo E7000 (45 nm) - 18%, Pentium dual-core E5000 (45 nm) - 30%, Pentium dual-core E2000 (65 nm) - 5%, Celeron dual-core E1000 (65 nm) - 2%, Celeron 400 (65 nm) - 3%, Atom 200/300 (45 nm) - 4 %.

Supplement: A representative of Intel denied the allegation concerning the proportion of processors Core i7, said the source. In his view, we can talk about 2008, but not on the 2009 year.

Source: DigiTimes