Friday, November 21, 2008

Demand for processors from Intel Core i7 will have to wait almost a year, say manufacturers of motherboards

Though Intel asserts that has shipped about 100000 processors Intel Core i7, some manufacturers of system payments specify that the economic crisis will lower desire of buyers to modernize available personal computers. It, in turn, means that demand for processors Core i7 hardly will quicken before the third quarter 2009.

Cost of transition to the most accessible processor Core under the price i7 and a system payment on chipset X58 exceeds $500. In such conditions it is difficult to expect a great demand before occurrence of models of the processors focused on the basic segment. As it is known, their exit on the market is planned for the third quarter 2009. A key role in increase in demand at processors Core i7 dynamics of the prices for modules of memory DDR3 should play also.

Skepticism of manufacturers proves to be true solid warehouse stocks of sets of system logic P45 which cannot be "digested" less than for 3-6 months.

However, company Intel too does not count on advancement Core i7 the next quarters. According to company plans, in the third quarter 2009 45-nano quad processors Core i7 will make only 2 % in total amount of deliveries of processors. Shares of other products will be the following: Core 2 Quad (45 nanometers) — 16 %, Core 2 Duo E8000 (45 nanometers) — 20 %, Core 2 Duo E7000 (45 nanometers) — 18 %, Pentium dual-core E5000 (45 nanometers) — 30 %, Pentium dual-core E2000 (65 nanometers) — 5 %, Celeron dual-core E1000 (65 nanometers) — 2 %, Celeron 400 (65 nanometers) — 3 %, Atom 200/300 (45 nanometers) — 4 %.

Source: DigiTimes